Hello All,

In order to change the permissions for file/folder in Linux through command prompt one need to execute “CHMOD” command. Below mentioned is command syntax with all alternative options details:


chmod [OPTION]... MODE... FILE...

Options are:

-c, --changes like verbose but report only when a change is made
-f, --silent, --quiet suppress most error messages
-v, verbose output a diagnostic for every file processed
-R, --recursive change files and directories recursively
--help display this help and exit
--version output version information and exit

u - User who owns the file.
g - Group that owns the file.
o - Other.
a - All.
r - Read the file.
w - Write or edit the file.
x - Execute or run the file as a program.

Numeric Permissions:
CHMOD can also to attribute by using Numeric Permissions:

400 read by owner
040 read by group
004 read by anybody (other)
200 write by owner
020 write by group
002 write by anybody
100 execute by owner
010 execute by group
001 execute by anybody


Shane G.